Developing a strategy is like setting your sat nav. As long as you know where you are now and where you want to go, your strategy will map out the route that will take you there. We help you find the right route to get there quickly and most cost effectively.


Fundraising Strategy

The most brilliant strategy in the world won’t work without everyone’s active support. That’s why we conduct interviews, workshops and presentations with your stakeholders, so you know what they expect you to achieve. We carry out benchmarking, best practice evaluations and analysis to reveal gaps and opportunities. We’ll provide the recommendations you need to meet your targets in the most efficient way.

Case Study – The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Why we were needed

With their flagship event in gradual decline, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead wanted to know how to understand why this was happening, how to turn things around and gain benchmarking information on similar events.

What we did
We undertook extensive stakeholder interviews to understand the current status of the campaign, as well as the processes entailed and any key historical events. From these interviews we lead a series of workshops to understand all elements of the campaigns, the core supporters, what the charity knew about these supporters and the current messaging. Alongside this a full financial and supporter data analysis took place which assisted with future recommendation on not only the strategy but the staffing structure as well.

The difference it made

The hospital now had a clear understanding of what was and wasn’t working within the current campaign. This allowed the adoption of a new three-year strategic plan, staff resourcing and new budget recommendation.

Community Fundraising Strategy

With added pressure on individual giving and the rise of income coming in from online fundraising, now is very timely to look at new acquisition channels to increase your review and supporter base.

 We can help you structure your most ‘unloved’ fundraising area to become a gold mine through defining your key audiences, understanding what they want, and how you should be engaging with them. We will take you through our best practice model, which will allow you to turn this reactive stream into a proactive and lucrative income stream.

Case Study – Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Why we were needed

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is a very forward thinking organization. With the amazing success of their individual giving program and the new online peer to peer event, Steptember they now needed to look into other ways to increase the supporter base and income.

What we did

We started by understanding the current status of the Community Fundraising program through extensive data analysis, perspective interviews and a series of workshops. These workshops allowed us to gain insights about their fundraising proposition, the supporter base, the current supporter journey, segmentation, acquisition and retention communications.

This enriched the knowledge of the fundraising team and the importance that this fundraising stream has for the development of the organization.

The difference it made

Based on our work Cerebral Palsy Alliance now have a solid three year strategy, clear actions to increase acquisition and a well rounded communications plan which helps to link the cause and activities.


The Seven Secrets to Growing Your Community Fundraising

Community Fundraising is generally the last item on the ‘To Do List’ within a fundraising portfolio, yet this form of fundraising has grown in popularity, especially with the rise of social media.

More mystery shopped 28 diverse Australian charities and analyzed the income of 21 charities across their Community Fundraising portfolios. Our research revealed that many charities are missing out on a potentially lucrative income stream because they are not applying core fundraising principles to their community fundraising program.

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