Our Manifesto

We strive to be the consultants we always wanted to have as clients.

That means we’ll:

  • Tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to be told.
  • Listen, ask why, then shape solutions with you.
  • Engage your people throughout the process – because everyone’s part of the solution.
  • Make sure we leave you able to deliver what we recommend.
  • Tell you if we can’t do what you need – and point you in the direction of people who can.


Why More

More Strategic: that’s often what our clients want to be. We bring you an objective view, plus:

Experience: We’ve faced these issues before and can bring fresh perspectives.

Engagement: We collaborate with stakeholders at all levels to ensure buy-in, and involve people through interactive workshops.

Depth: We go beyond the symptoms to uncover the real causes.

Reality: We identify the real issues and solutions, while recognising how difficult change can be.

Understanding: We generate insights that highlight your challenges to create genuine solutions.

Capacity: We can help you when you have to manage ‘business as usual’ and be strategic.