How well are you doing?

We are embarking on an ambitious goal to help NFP leaders to make better informed decisions about fundraising investments by launching a comprehensive income, expenditure and salary cost benchmarking service.

Using timely, granular and accurate financial information from your management accounts we will show you how you compare to industry averages, to other organisations and to recent trends.

Are events growing? Are you investing enough in your fundraising staff? Are you getting a good return from corporate fundraising? Are you over reliant on bequests compared to others?

What do I get?

The More Benchmarks report will help you to

  • Know “how well you we doing”
  • Set realistic budgets based on market data
  • Identify areas where you are under performing
  • Identify areas where you are under investing

The More Benchmarks Report includes analysis of:

  • Income by type of fundraising
  • Expenditure by type of fundraising
  • Gross and net income per head of population
  • Cost income ratio based on true costs
  • Growth rates by type of fundraising
  • Reliance on each type of fundraising
  • Return on labour


Real costs: the report is based on detailed management accounts submitted by each participating charity. These are more reflective of true costs than annual report data.
Granularity: income and expenditure is captured in 9 types of fundraising and 20 categories giving you the most detailed report on cost ratio’s available.
Anonymous: to encourage the most open reporting and participation results are all de-identified. No one but you will know your results.
Annual: We will report results to participating NFPs every year so you can see how the market is evolving and how you are keeping up.
Timely: We aim to release reports within 3-4 months of the year end, giving a far quicker view of recent performance than annual reports. This data ca then inform your next year budget process.
Evolution: As the number of participants increases we will offer a more segmented breakdown of comparisons allowing you to track performance against other NFPs serving the same cause, in the same state or a similar program size.

If you would like to know more please call Martin Paul on 0435 306 202 or email martin@morestrategic.co.uk.


Download the whitepaper from Resources.