At the core of effective innovation is uncovering the insights that inspire breakthrough ideas.  To succeed your innovation funnel has to be supported by a strong culture and clear strategy to deliver consistent results. We can help you develop the strategic focus, culture and systems you need to innovate effectively, turning your ideas into profitable programs.


You may not think of your fundraising activities as products. But you’ll often need to create new offers to engage your supporters and prospects, and motivate them to give. We use social research, idea-generating workshops and evaluation tools to help you develop exciting fundraising products, from new events and regular giving propositions, to new online supporter engagement.

 Case Study –

 Why we were needed had a fantastic opportunity to engage all the staff of a large global corporate to fundraise for them. The problem was they needed to provide the Corporate with what the ‘idea’ was on how they were all going to fundraise.

 What we did

We worked with to gain an understanding of what was needed by both parties, who the core fundraisers would be, what would motivate them to fundraise and the current trends in the market.

 The difference it made

It allowed to go back to the Corporate with a well thought out event concept, which linked the needs of the staff and charity to make the largest impact.

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We know it’s next to impossible to do your day job while staying on top of what’s happening in marketing, fundraising and the world. That’s why we can keep track of emerging trends for you – so you know what’s working, what isn’t, and how you can be the first to benefit from the next big thing.

Case Study – Mater Hospital Foundation

 Why we were needed

Mater were keen to find a new event offering for men, which raised funds specially for Prostate Cancer.

What we did

We were commissioned to help them discover insights about their target market, what events have and haven’t worked in the past for men, new event trends and qualitative focus groups to test the top ideas.

 The difference it made

We ran a dynamic two day brainstorm with a key team of participants from across the Mater Foundation to create new ways of invigorating a men’s event for the future. The sessions got the team working in new ways and created some useful new concepts for development.