The virtuous circle of fundraising keeps your organisation going. People give their money, time and voice which enables you to  deliver real change through your programs and services. Everyone in the organisation has a duty to keep the circle turning by communicating the progress made and the outstanding need.



Growth comes from doing something new, or doing what you already do more effectively. We work with your fundraising team to evaluate your current activities against industry best practices. Then we give you a scorecard that shows you where and how you can make the greatest improvements.



Engaged donors give more, do more and stay longer. But what drives engagement? We go beyond transactional analyses to give you a deep understanding of what motivates your supporters to give.  We draw on this and our knowledge from our research on why people stop giving to create tailored supporter experiences that drive loyalty, value and cross sales.

Case Study: Baker IDI

 Why we were needed

Baker IDI were given a fantastic opportunity to be the sole benefitting charity partner for two challenge events. With little insights from their current program on how to manage peer to peer supporters and maximize their growth they were determined to implement the best possible supporter journey for their supporters to ensure the biggest impact.

 What we did

From our extensive research into Peer to Peer fundraising we were able to draw on our knowledge to recommend the optimum supporter journey. Working alongside both Baker IDI and the event provider we could establish what the journey should be right from the initial registration through to the post event party.

The difference it made

This process allowed Baker IDI staff to be upskilled in best practice for Peer to Peer fundraisers and future knowledge on how to gain the most out of beneficiary partnerships.