Stopping violence against women with White Ribbon


Why we were needed

White Ribbon had run a series of high profile campaigns that raised the issues of domestic violence against women. They now needed to refocus the messages to ensure they were communicating well with the key audiences as effectively as possible.

What we did

Using qualitative market research with men, in depth interviews and online focus groups we have helped inform White Ribbon’s social marketing direction on both a strategic and campaign level. Our work helped clarify the core audiences, more clearly their attitudes and beliefs about the issue and the key facts that would increase their awareness.

The difference it made

Our work in 2012 created the communications brief that led to the ‘Hey Mate’ campaign. This successfully repositioned the messaging around White Ribbon Day to more accurately connect with the ‘bystander’ audience; increasing their awareness of how important the issue is, and the positive impact their actions could have.

What we enjoyed

It was a real shared journey of discovery with the small but passionate team at White Ribbon – having a big impact with small resources.