Public perceptions research for Minda


Why we were needed

As the name in Intellectual disability across South Australia, Minda Inc has over one hundred years of expertise behind it. However, that inherent marketing potential is only just being reinvigorated – largely as a result of our strategic marketing advice. Minda needed to understand where it’s 115 years of brand equity stood within the South Australian community and gain a broader insight to the challenges it would face in broadening its service reach while also developing new sustainable fundraising strategies.

What we did

Initially we created an outline fundraising strategy that highlighted the need for a greater understanding of how the organisation was perceived by clients, supporters and the public alike. We conducted an extensive market research project with qualitative interviews, focus groups and quantitative surveys of supporters and the public.

The difference it made

The insights defined a new strategic marketing and fundraising direction for the organisation that the Board has now invested in to leverage the potential of this sleeping giant. The research uncovered a broad range of consumer insights that Minda is now using to develop its future strategic marketing position as well as its fundraising proposition.

What we enjoyed

The disability sector is a complex industry. throughout our research we were able to speak to the staff, families and people that live with this complexity on a daily basis and learnt more about the issues, challenges and joys of working with people with an intellectual disability.