Fundraising Review and Directions for
Taronga Conservation Society Australia


Why we were needed

Taronga is a well-loved Sydney icon which is always popular with people looking to understand animals and conservation. What they needed was a more coherent approach to connect with more of those engaged visitors as supporters and donors.

What we did

We started by redefining the fundraising strategy and then undertaking market research into the attitudes and beliefs that zoo visitors have to identify what would motivate them to support the Zoo’s conservation projects. As part of the strategic project we ran a two day intensive workshop with the entire fundraising staff and – as a result – the team were more externally focussed, more supporter centric in their approach and collaborating more effectively.

The market research program has identified a new potential audience that can be engaged with conservation messages that reposition Taronga. We were able to create an attitudinal segmentation for Zoo visitors and test reaction to different conservation projects as a result. This has then directly led to the creation of in-zoo messaging and new fundraising programs to capture new audiences.

The difference it made

Based on our work and the research Taronga developed: powerful new propositions targeted at unique segments; detailed supporter experiences; new acquisition strategies; new community fundraising programs and a clarification of the benefits hierarchy across programs.

What we enjoyed

Apart from the stunning location and amazing animals it was brilliant working with such a marketing-savvy team who were really up for some big changes in how they tell their story.