Cancer Council NSW : Fundraising Review and Directions


Why we were needed

As a successful and ambitious organisation with a new CEO, Cancer Council NSW wanted to know how well fundraising was performing and where future growth would come from. Given Martin’s previous leadership role with the organisation in order to preserve complete objectivity we submitted a proposal in conjunction with Tony Elischer from THINK – the UK’s leading fundraising consultancy firm .

What we did

We undertook a comprehensive financial benchmarking project comparing Cancer Council NSW to other leading Australian, UK, Canadian and American cancer charities as well as to other state Cancer Councils. Working with THINK we interviewed Board members, Executive staff as well as 23 fundraising staff. From these interviews we identified a range of critical issues that, through workshops with the fundraising leadership team, could be consolidated, prioritised and addressed. We reviewed future opportunities against income potential and organisational capability to help create a new portfolio.

The difference it made

The final recommendations were accepted by the CEO and Board. By working with the Director of Marketing and Communications there is now a clear direction and commitment to invest in the most fruitful areas of fundraising growth over the next three years.

What we enjoyed

It was great to see Cancer Council NSW with the second highest income per head of population (on a % of annual wage earned) amongst leading Cancer charities across the world.