Brand Insight for Fundraising Institute of Australia


Why we were needed

The new CEO of the FIA was eager to know how the organisation was viewed by the fundraising community and what would help to engage more people in making the FIA successful and influential. We have been advocates for improvement to the FIA for many years and so volunteered to take on this research.

What we did

We ran focus groups with fundraisers in Sydney and Melbourne to help understand the most critical issues. Working with leading industry suppliers we were able to secure responses from over 750 Australian fundraisers – probably the largest survey ever undertaken. Running cross tabulations against length of time in fundraising, size of organisation and previous roles we were able to create a segmentation model for the FIA to address the needs of different types of fundraiser.

The difference it made

We presented the detailed findings to the FIA Board and drafted a two-page summary for all members and survey participants. This will allow FIA to more deeply engage a wider range of fundraisers and more demonstrably show the real value of membership.

What we enjoyed

It was clear that fundraisers really want the FIA to be successful. Respondents went to great lengths to share their passion and commitment to a successful fundraising community.